Introducing Aster Academy

Learn how to start, run and grow a lucrative tutoring business

From Educator to Entrepreneur, uncover a world of limitless possibilities. Through this immersive program, you'll learn how to navigate the entire journey of building a tutoring company.

12-week mentoring programme

Aster Academy has been designed to empower teachers to take the leap and grow a successful tutoring business by giving you all the tools and advice you need. Learn how to nurture, blossom and flourish your tutoring business.

Month 1 - Nurture

Key things you need to overcome to enable you to grow your brand:

Month 2 - Blossom

Key things you need to overcome to enable you to grow your brand:

Month 2 - Flourish

Key things you need to overcome to enable you to grow your brand:

Unlocking your global tutoring empire

I’m Sarah, former Head of English in a boarding school and now tutor and business owner of international tutoring business ‘Aster Tuition.’

Since leaving full time teaching in 2021, I have created a thriving tutoring business with students all over the world. With my team of tutors, we deliver lessons to students from Hong Kong to London and many countries in between!

I've connected with countless inspiring individuals lately, all passionate about teaching but yearning for the freedom to run their tutoring businesses. With first hand experience, I can confirm that is an empowering journey and making the leap was the best decision I ever made.

Nurture knowledge.

Empower growth.

When it comes to running a tutoring business I get asked these three questions all the time:

  • How did you do it?

  • What do I need to know?

  • How can I do it?

I am on a mission to empower passionate educators to build a lucrative tutoring business through my specially crafted 12-Week Mentoring Program.

Take control of your destiny and liberate your teaching potential. No more wishing for independence - learn the exact steps to launch, market, attract clients, and flourish in your own thriving tutoring business.

Fearful of leaving the comfort of the teaching world? Let's bust some myths.

I won't have holidays

Yes you will!

By becoming a tutor and having the freedom to choose your own holidays, you gain the flexibility to enjoy well-deserved time off whenever suits you, breaking free from the constraints of the school summer break and creating a work-life balance tailored to your personal needs and preferences.

I will have to work evenings

No you don't!

As a tutor in the international sector, you have the opportunity to design a work schedule that caters to your preferences, allowing time for activities you enjoy, like hobbies and socialising, while also capitalising on daytime tutoring preferences to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance

I will feel stressed running a business

You will feel in control!

The feelings of burnout experienced by teachers are distinctly different from the gratifying experience of running a tutoring business, as the latter allows for more autonomy, personalized schedules, and the ability to focus on individual students' growth, fostering a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Hear from others who made the leap...


Having worked in a classroom for more than 20 years, including time in headship, I cannot believe the satisfaction I now get from developing relationships and seeing progress in personalised 1:1 lessons with students. It’s so individualistic; I develop confidence and target their specific needs. Over the last 20 years or so, there has been a surge of adults choosing to have life coaches and personal trainers. Individualised learning and teaching maximises potential. I feel that I can continue to get so much pleasure in delivering this new way of easy and accessible learning.


I’ve been working as a private tutor for a number of years, initially on a face-to-face basis in student’s homes, but for the last three years online. Afer a long career in secondary education, this role has helped me retain all the positive aspects of being a teacher, whilst removing the majority of the negative ones. Yes, there is still marking, yes there are still meetings (occasionally), but the vast majority of my time is spent doing what I love - interacting with students and helping them to learn and grow. I can honestly say that no two days are the same and I have developed from a teacher of local children to a teacher of children all over the world, from Australia to the Caribbean.

This mentorship is more than just theoretical knowledge

It's a practical, hands-on experience. As the owner of a lucrative tutoring company that specialises in working with overseas agents, I will share my own triumphs and lessons learned, empowering you with real-world insights that can only come from someone who has successfully walked the same path.

You'll gain access to valuable resources and step-by-step frameworks that will accelerate your progress, saving you time, money, and countless headaches along the way.


Learn how to step out of teaching and run a business that substitutes your salary.


Master the art of selling into different markets and promoting your brand on social media


Surround yourself with the right people to enhance the growth of your business

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